Ninja Classes

Ninja Tots

Co-Ed // 3 years

Ninja Jr. 

Co-Ed // Ages 6-8 years

Now, your child can test their skills in the craze that’s sweeping the nation, as they unlock their ninja potential! In this class, kids use obstacles and circuit based activities to increase endurance, strength, flexibility, balance and coordination while building confidence. During the 45 minute classes, children are challenged by scaling the rock wall, attempting to conquer TNT’s very own warped walls, and navigating the PRX ninja rig!

Ninja Minis

Co-Ed // 4-5 years

Ninja Sr. 

Co-Ed // Ages 9+

Session Dates

Fall II: October 26 - January 

Winter Session: January 9 - March 13

Public Registration opens December 21st

**9 Week Sessions**

Tuition Rates

Rockin' Rollers/Curious Crawlers: $63

45 Minute Class: $126

60 Minute Class: $135

Annual Family Registration Fee: $30

**9 Week Session**

PRX Ninja Rig


TNT recently debuted a first of it's kind ninja rig specially designed for TNT by PRX Performance. This 30 foot long unique pice of equipment offers several features which help children build strength and confidence:


  • Monkey Bars

  • Climbing Ropes

  • Zipline

  • Cargo Net

  • Rings

  • Salmon Ladder


Warped Wall


Now your kids can try their hand on the most talked about ninja obstacle with TNT’s challenging warped walls! These obstacles test speed and strength when trying to conquer the 9 and 12 foot high walls.


What are the benefits for my child?


  • Children will gain confidence as they acquire new skills

  • A way to improve their health through physical activity

  • Opportunity to meet new friends in a social setting

Ninja Tots

Co-Ed | Ages 3 years

Our Ninja Mini program is designed for children the age of 3 and focuses on the development of children's cognitive and locomotor abilities as well as improve coordination. The program runs for 9-weeks and is split with specific skill focus each week. Children will have the opportunity to jump, climb, roll, and swing on a variety of equipment. 

Fun Skills:

  • Safety and rolling

  • Weight transfer

  • Upside down/handstands 

  • Bars and swinging 

Goal: Focus on readiness to go to School Age program 

Ninja Minis 

Co-Ed | Ages 4-5 years 

Introductory Ninja class designed to help children gain balance and proprioceptive awareness while climbing and jumping over and under obstacles. Children will also become familiar with terminology used in Ninja classes and circuits. Coaches will discuss how to perform skills safely, demonstrate skills, provide tips, and encourage children on each section. Children will have the opportunity to use the ninja course including warped walls, trampolines, and ninja rig. Class also includes a structured warm-up and fitness-based strength portion to get the children's muscles ready to work. 

Fun skills include:

  • Forward and backward roll

  • Shoulder/ninja roll

  • Resi mat jumps

  • Hangs and gip on bar 

Goal: Focus on gaining strength and body awareness to move on to intermediate. 

Pre-requisite: None 

Ninja Jr 

Co-Ed | Ages 6-8 years 

The intermediate Ninja class builds on the beginner class and additional strength building activities will be built into the class. Children will also learn multiple techniques to get over, under, and around obstacles. In addition, participants will work on getting through the courses faster and more efficiently. Coaches will demonstrate skills and provide tips as needed. They will also review safety procedures and class rules as needed. 

Fun skills include:

  • Rolls

  • Shimmies

  • Support holds/walk

  • Hangs

  • Handstand 

Goal: Gain strength, body awareness, and stamina to move on to ninja masters 

Pre-requisite: Coach's Recommendation 

Ninja Sr. 

Co-Ed | Ages 9 years

Ninja Masters is geared towards more advanced participants. There is a minimum age requirement since the courses require more strength and coordination. Ninja Masters builds upon skills in intermediate and the focus is on speed and efficiency while getting through the courses. Limited breaks are allowed during class time as the goal is continuous movement. Coaches will demonstrate skills, provide tips and review safety procedures and class rules as needed. 

Fun skills include:

  • Speed

  • Agility

  • Rolls

  • Headstand

  • Handstand flat back on resi mat

  • Hangs on grip on the bar

  • Support hold jumps

  • Monkey bars

  • Warped walls 

Goal: Gain strength, body awareness, and stamina to move into more advanced/competitive ninja program

at Conquer Ninja. 

Pre-requisite: Coach's Recommendation 

"My kids absolutely LOVE ninja kids class, they can't stop talking about the obstacles and how strong they are getting. I was looking for a fun fitness class, but we have gained so much more. They have become so strong and flexible and look forward to class every week! It makes us so happy to see them so active and healthy."

Nikki H.

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