USAG Xcel Team

Xcel Program

  • Comprised of five divisions: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond

  • Designed to offer a broad based competitive experience outside traditional Junior Olympic Program

  • Allows flexibility to athletes with varying abilities and commitment levels

  • Athletes compete within North Dakota and surrounding states

  • Season ends at the Regional Meet

  • TNT also offers an optional Xceleration class which focuses on strength, flexibility and conditioning

Contact Tia if you have further questions about TNT's Xcel program:

"In January of 2014, we decided to look into gymnastics classes offered at TNT. I am forever grateful that we did! She would come out of practice with a smile on her face and couldn't wait to tell me all of the new things that she was allowed to try. The TNT coaches were very good at figuring out just what she could do, rather than skills that she couldn't do. If she was struggling with doing a cartwheel on the beam, then they would encourage her to try something she was good at, like a back walkover or a jump. The coaching staff at TNT has been instrumental in breaking down the steps and talking her through what she needs to do to succeed."

Angie Stanek

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