Competitive Gymnastics

TNT teaches quality gymnastics and cheer! TNT promotes a culture of safety and a healthy respect for the sport of gymnastics.
TNT's Competitive Team is composed of the Men's and Women's Junior Olympic Program, TOPS, Xcel, and Xtreme Cheer. It offers an accelerated form of gymnastics and is designed for those athletes, ages 5 and up, who have a very specific skill set. Candidates to this program are evaluated and selected based on their physical, emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and social readiness. Athletes learn self-discipline, group work, leadership, and good sportsmanship – among many other life skills. 

At the team level, coaches spend a significant amount of time with our athletes and because of that,

we believe part of our job is being a positive role model for these young ladies and gentlemen.

Our first priority is that our coaching staff love children! Second is their gymnastics knowledge and background.

Some coaches specialize in preschool, recreational, or competitive levels, and many cross over creating a well- balanced knowledge of the progressions safely followed in gymnastics. With proper instruction, gymnastics and cheer are very safe sports.

At TNT, we develop skill progressions safely and master the fundamentals to provide a good foundation which prevents injury.

USAG Girls Team

USAG Boys Team

USAG Xcel Team

Xtreme Cheer