Special Needs

Putting Ability in Motion:  TNT provides the skills, environment, & instructors that make it happen.

There is a sensational opportunity waiting for any individual of any age or ability.  Our focus is to provide activities that promote and support independent skill growth that will be applied to daily living, recreational, or vocation.  This is done by supporting the foundation and progression of ability/skills through a unique facility, and instruction from coaches of the highest character and knowledge.


Our mission is to unlock potential through movement.  Which is simply the promotion of physical, cognitive, and social skills through movement.  We promote skill in the areas of:


  • Physical:  Body Awareness, Strength, Endurance, Flexibility, Coordination, Balance, Agility, Walking, Running, Rolling, Kicking, Throwing, etc.

  • Cognitive:  Recognition, Comprehending, Applying and Analyzing information such objects, directions, patterns, and sequences

  • Social:    Self-confidence/worth, recognition of emotions, playing appropriately with others and objects


How can I or someone I know with a special need take a class?


  • To schedule or inquire about services please contact our customer service staff kidscomefirst@tntkidsfitness.org

  • Registration is based upon a monthly fee and scheduled time for one on ones only and is completed at the customer service desk

  • Small group follows the session schedule and registration is completed at the customer service desk

  • Adult fitness is based upon a monthly fee and scheduled time and is completed at the customer service desk

Available Programs

No Limits Fitness

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"The young man for whom I have guardianship attends the classes that TNT offers for persons with special abilities. He is excited to go each time, and always highlights it in our evening visits. Nate is knowledgeable and AMAZING in his work with the clients! Would highly recommend these classes at TNT!"

Shaina W.