Preschool Gymnastics

TNT's preschool program introduces basic gymnastics through exploration and creative movement.

The equipment is just their size! The classes use rhythm, rhyme, and repetition to teach basic body positions and skills. The goal is to teach students the five C's: Be Curious, Creative, Courageous, Competent, Confident.

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Please note: Our preschool classes are based on age appropriate activities.

Children must have a birthday before the session begins to move on to the next class.

Session Dates

Summer Session: June 7 - August 19 (10 weeks)

Fall I: August 30 - October 30 (9 weeks)

Fall II: November 1 - January 8 (9 weeks)

Winter: January 10 - March 12 (9 weeks)

Tuition Rates

Rockin' Rollers/Curious Crawlers: $70

45 Minute Class: $140

60 Minute Class: $150

Annual Family Registration Fee: $30

**10 Week Session**

Lil' Leapers

Co-Ed | Ages 3+ years | 45 minutes

Designed for children ready to participate independently. Introduction to fundamental gymnastics skills while focusing on listening skills, imagination, following directions, and taking turns.

Fun skills include:

  • Lucky Lunge

  • Forward Roll on Cheese Wedge

  • Hand-Hand-Foot-Foot-Cartwheel

  • Hee Haw

  • Pop Pop Seat Drop on Trampoline

  • Front Support on Bars

Tiny Tumblers

Co-Ed | Ages 4+ years | 45 minutes

Introduction to basic body shapes, fundamental gymnastics skills and terminology through age appropriate activities and creative movement.

Fun skills include:

  • Safety Falls

  • Lucky Lunge-Teeter-Totter Hop

  • Backward Roll Down a Cheese Wedge

  • Tip and Kick Cartwheel

  • Tip and Flip on Bars

  • Seat Drop Blast Off on Trampoline

Kinder Girls

Girls | Ages 5+ years | 60 minutes

Transitional class from preschool to recreational gymnastics programs for girls. Curriculum based on beginner girl skills and technique while still enjoying the theme and schemes of the preschool program. 

Fun skills include:

  • Forward Roll

  • Backward Roll

  • Bridge

  • Handstand

  • Star Cartwheel

  • Static Chin Hold

Kinder Boys

Boys | Ages 5+ years | 60 minutes

Transitional class from preschool to recreational gymnastics class for boys. Curriculum based on beginner boys skills and technique while still enjoying the theme and schemes of the preschool programs. 

Fun skills include:

  • Safety Falls

  • Forward & Backward Rolls

  • Cartwheel

  • Handstand

  • Supports and Swings on Boys Equipment

  • Tripod

Tots Tumble Time

Childcare Groups | 45 minutes

This class is designed for preschools, home centers, and child cares. It is designed to give groups an early childhood physical education experience (dominant movement patterns) as well as an introduction to fundamental gymnastics skill. Transportation may be provided depending on availability.

Preschool Open Gym

Co-ed | Walking - 5 years | 60 minutes

Hot Shots

Girls | Ages 4+ years

Transitional class from preschool to competitive team with an emphasis on strength, flexibility, and coordination. 

Fun skills include: 

  • Forward Roll

  • Backward Roll

  • Stalder Hold

  • Handstand

  • Cartwheel

  • Pullover


Recommendation Only

60 minutes of free exploration in the gym with an active helper. A warm up and closing activity are included. Instructors are on-site to facilitate and ensures safe play guidelines are being followed.  

• September - May: Thursday, Friday, Saturday mornings 

• June - August: Friday mornings 


Active Helper 

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"My daughter loves TNT gymnastics! Her teachers have all been amazing and know how to work with preschoolers so well! In every class she is challenged, gets stronger, enhances her gymnastic skills and has fun! Looking forward to getting her little brother started soon!"

Cami B.