What is an internship?
  • A time-limited experience that is completed for college credit during a fall, spring, or summer semester. 

  • Includes various processes to help the intern grow and learn, such as goals, observations, reflections, and evaluations. 

  • A hands on guided application of college experience in a real life setting.

The benefits of an internship at TNT

  • Opportunity to display and acquire knowledge and skills in specific field of study

  • Gain experience working with individuals of a wide range of ages and abilities

  • Exposure to all programming at TNT

  • Receive a meaningful, career-related work, and positive mentoring

  • Learn about the non-profit sector

  • Introduction into sport of gymnastics and how it relates to everyday movements

  • Ability to share new ideas with current TNT staff and clients

The benefits TNT will receive from your internship:

  • Gain new perspectives on methods, projects, and programs

  • Recruit and evaluate potential employees

  • Build relationships with local universities, faculty members, and students

  • Opportunity to improve communication materials such as brochures, newsletter, websites, etc

Basic Intern Expectations

How To Become An Intern

  • Set up an interview with Alex Piepkorn alex2@tntkidsfitness.com

  • Go through orientation and training

  • Receive a schedule and begin the experience

  • Internships are offered during the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters

  • Offered to all colleges and universities

  • Internships designed for students studying Exercise Science, Physical Therapy, and Occupational Therapy

  • Support TNT's mission statement: Unlocking Potenial Through Movement

  • Be kind to staff, clients, and customers

  • Must have a willingness to learn new information and to become a leader

  • Become familiar with all TNT programming

  • Support TNT's culture

Kevin Hackenmueller - North Dakota State University - Exercise Science

"While being an Exercise Science student at NDSU I was given the extraordinary opportunity of interning at TNT Kid’s Fitness & Gymnastics. TNT allowed me to truly go out of my comfort zone in order to meet the needs of every individual, which allowed me to grow as a person. I was given more hands on experience than I could have ever imagined. Also, I was able to motivate kids every single day and help them overcome the mind set of “I can’t” and change it to “I can,” which was one of the most fulfilling aspects of interning at TNT."