1:1 Training

TNT’s facility gives those individuals with special needs the opportunity to move and play just like every other child. Individuals are able to unlock their potential here at TNT. Our foundational yet diverse movement curriculum, our structured yet modifiable/adaptable facility, and our knowledgeable and caring instructors allow us to provide more opportunities to unlock potential for any individual.

What are my opportunities?

  • 1:1 private sessions: Full instructor attention, in the least restrictive environment, focused on the athlete/participant/child specific goals.

    • 1 - 50 minute class per week - $215 per month

    • 1 - 50 minute class two times a month - $100 per month

    • 1 - 30 minute class per week - $130 per month

    • 1 - 30 minute class two times a month - $60 per month

  • Small group sessions: Children participate in a movement curriculum with individuals of similar ability. Movement curriculums consist of foundation and progression based movement skills and concepts that are specific to ability group, an active helper may need to be provided by family.  Groups are created by families and TNT working together to build the class, a minimum of 3 individuals for small group.

  • No Limits Fitness: Group fitness class for individuals with special needs. All movements are adapted to the individuals ability level. Options for both adults and juniors. Find more information by clicking on the No Limits Fitness tab.

  • United Way School Partnership: TNT partners with the United Way of Cass-Clay to offer physical activity to school districts in our area. Local schools bring students with special needs to TNT to engage in physical activity in a setting that sets them up for success. Find more information by clicking on the school partnership tab.


Please contact Jake@tntkidsfitness.org to set up an evaluation