ND Smart Restart Plan

TNT values our customers,

TNT continues to communicate with Public Health to keep you apprised of any updates. TNT follows the ND Smart Restart guidelines to allow programs to continue without interruption. Other measures put in to place:


ND ERG Grant – TNT received $40,000 for improvements related to COVID

a.    Air purifiers

b.    Touchless public bathroom fixtures

c.    Additional disinfectant, vacuums, carpet shampooer

d.    Equipment sanitized on an hourly basis when there is a change in classes,

e.    Mask to mask contact    


The due diligence of TNT employees and the willingness of all families adhering to our procedures/policies, play a role to keeping us open to provide services to all of our clients. We cannot express enough gratitude for your support in helping to ensure the safety of our clients, employees, and the community.


TNT evaluates frequently with Cass Public Health to stay current with community needs and updates. We need to lower the spread and surge of cases. TOGETHER, we can do that!


In closing, TNT continues to be in the recovery process of building back business since being closed from March-May.  We cannot extend our APPRECIATION enough for your customer confidence in our ability to holding a high standard to keeping everyone safe. TNT will continue to inform and keep you updated. We will stay true to our mission; Unlocking Potential through Movement in whatever form we can!


We are in this together!



Kim Pladson

Executive Director


What happens if an employee tests positive?

TNT follows the guidance of Fargo Cass Public Health and CDC. The employee completes quarantine based on Public Health recommendations. Upon completion of quarantine, Fargo Cass Public Health sends a form that confirms they completed the recommended time of quarantine. We require our employees to present the Fargo Cass Public Health Quarantine Completion Form to return to work.

If at any time the employee may have exposed anyone at TNT, we will contact trace and reach out to all those possibly exposed.

*Length of quarantine is determined by a number of factors. Fargo Cass Public Health informs those exposed/positive cases how long quarantine should be.

What happens if an employee is exposed?

Similarly, if an employee is exposed they complete a quarantine and only return to work with the completed paperwork from Fargo Cass Public Health. If at any time during their quarantine they test positive or develop symptoms, we contact trace and inform those who may be affected.

What happens if a client/child with COVID enters the facility?

We inform all those whom were exposed to the individual. You will recieve an email but also expect a phone call from TNT.  Those exposed, clients and staff alike, can  return until they complete quarantine as directed by Fargo Cass Public Health.

Does my child have to wear a mask during their class?

Effective August 24th, everyone is expected to wear a mask, including athletes. Exceptions to this rule include:

  • When distancing can be assured

  • When safety is a concern

  • Children 4 and under; unless in combined class (children 5+ in class)

  • If your child has underlying health issues

What are the current procedures in place to protect against exposure?

Our current procedures include:

  • Expected masks for all who enter the facility

  • Frequent equipment sanitation

  • Reduced lobby capacity to ensure distancing


• Ages 4-5, parents assist child into the building through the temperature check station and either drop off or sit in the viewing area
• Ages 6+ parents encouraged to drop off and return at the end of practice
• If entering TNT, limit to 1 accompanying adult
• All visitors sanitize hands upon entering the building
• Arrive no earlier than 5 minutes prior to class time
• Parents wear face coverings when entering the building and sitting in the waiting area.


Our illness policy will be strictly enforced

  • TNT asks all participants to temperature screen prior to arriving.

  • If you are unable to screen prior to arrival or the participant is suspected of having a fever, a TNT employee will gladly assist with a temperature check. If the participant has a temperature of 100.4 or higher, we will contact the parent and the participant must go home

Number of athletes in the gym limited to coincide with recommended regulations

• Participants wash / sanitize hands before and after class.
• Equipment cleaned frequently
• Matting, surface areas, props, etc. disinfected regularly
• Pits temporarily closed and covered with mats until further notice
• Coaches and all employees wear facial coverings
•Lesson plans temporarily modified to omit partner activities, porous surface props, limit close contact
•Coaches, participants, and students to maintain 6ft distancing whenever possible; instruction may require interaction (example - spotting).
• Participants enter / exit their training area at clearly marked points
• Schedules modified to combine classes and allow additional time for students to exit prior to the next class.
• Exit TNT immediately following class.


Chairs in the viewing area spaced to allow for physical distancing.

• TNT gym spaces have been broken into zones/ rooms to allow safe separation of groups
• Parents, participants, and employees are asked to maintain safe distance of 6 ft from each other whenever possible
• Limit belonging brought into TNT; parents encouraged to carry belongs when possible
• Limited cubby storage
• Please bring water bottle as no water fountains available. Water bottle fill station available

Information from Fargo Cass Public Health and CDC

Exposure: CDC considers exposure being within 6ft of someone for 15 minutes

Fargo Cass Public Health: Fargo Cass Public Health will be notified of anyone that tests positive. Contact tracing will begin immediately. If you have been in contact with someone who tested positive and Fargo Cass Public Health has not contacted you, please contact them as soon as possible at 1.866.207.2880.


  • Stay home for 10 days from exposure date

  • Quarantine length for positive cases varies

    • If you are asymptomatic and test positive, you can end quarantine 10 days from date of test

    • If you are symptomatic and test positive, you can end quarantine 10 days after onset of symptoms AND you are 24 hours fever-free

  • Avoid contact with other people


  • Be alert for symptoms of COVID-19, especially dry cough or shortness of breath

  • Take temperature every morning and night

  • Call your doctor if you have trouble breathing or a fever (100.4 F)

Physical distancing:

  • Stay home as much as possible

  • Try to remain at least 6ft away from others

  • Avoid groups

For any questions regarding exposure and testing, please contact Fargo Cass Public Health at 1.866.207.2880  or visit their website at https://fargond.gov/city-government/departments/fargo-cass-public-health

ND Smart Restart Plan

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