Active Education

If school is out for the day, come to TNT to play! 

Active Education for Select West Fargo Schools

TNT will be offering “Active Education” this fall to accommodate our families that are attending hybrid schooling in the West Fargo School District. Active Education is a hybrid program combining daytime and after school programming. TNT will provide an environment conducive to the distance learning that schools are providing.

We continue to work with the West Fargo School District and Fargo Cass Public Health to provide a safe, engaging environment.

Active Education Overview

The two days children are in school, we provide transportation from school to TNT. The other three days parents are responsible for drop off and pick up at TNT. Programming ends at 5:30pm every day.

Full Days at TNT (7:30am-5:30pm)

Transportation: Parents responsible for pick up and drop off at TNT

Food: Parents responsible for lunch. TNT provides morning and afternoon snack.

Curriculum: Time dedicated for your child’s virtual education, structured movement, study/reading time

After School Days (school dismissal-5:30pm)

Transportation: TNT picks up after school

Food: TNT provides after school snack

Curriculum: Structured movement, time dedicated for study/reading

Days Off

Activate Education is offered Monday-Friday. The only days the program is NOT offered are:

September: 7th

November: 26th, 27th

December: 24th-31st


Fee: $158 per week

Annual Registration Fee for TNT Programs: $30 per family, per year

$64 due at time of registration if annual registration fee is current. $94 due at time of registration if annual registration fee is due. 

We are not offering discounted fees.  Weekly price is set regardless of attendance. 

Available Schools for After School Transportation

*limited spots per school. 





L.E. Berger





Willow Park 

For additional information or inquiries, please contact customer service 

Please note registration is on a first come, first serve basis.