School Partnership

In partnership with the United Way, 28 schools in Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo and the surrounding communities utilize TNT’s space on a weekly basis. Confidence, hope, and possibilities are created for children when they are able to try new things.  Through the power of play, physical activity, and gymnastics, we are helping children realize their abilities.

How do schools participate?


Through the generosity of donors and the United Way partnership, children with special needs have the opportunity to utilize the TNT facility throughout the school year.

How does the partnership work?


  • Schools transport individuals to TNT
  • Children enjoy one hour of physical activity at TNT
  • TNT and school staff assist children with activities
  • Activities are modified based on individual abilities

What are the benefits for my child?


  • Children get time and space to be physically active
  • Ability to work on specific movements in a controlled setting to meet their goals
  • Gain confidence by being able to move
  • TNT offers space and equipment most schools do not have


Contact Annette my emailing for more information on how your school can be involved at TNT.


"The opportunity that my son has to spend an afternoon at TNT during the school week is fabulous.  It takes the idea of adaptive PE to a new level.  When he is at TNT, he has the opportunity to be out of his wheelchair and be an active participant.  What a great partnership!"
​- Jill Gustofson, parent