TNT’s facility gives those individuals with special needs the opportunity to move and play just like every other child. Individuals are able to unlock their potential here at TNT.

What are my options?


  • One on One private sessions can be 30 or 50 minutes in length. Your child works with our staff at their own pace and on goals based on specific needs
  • Small group sessions. Children participate in a fitness session with similar abilities alongside their peers. Movements are adapted based on physical ability. Group sessions are created by parents and TNT working together to build the class
  • Inclusive sessions. Children participate in a regular gymnastics or fitness class. Movements are modified and performed with supervision during the class. This option is determined with the parent.
  • Children that participate at TNT through their school partnership during the day are also able to register for after school programming.


Please fill out the evaluation form on the link provided to find the least restrictive environment for the child to determine where they can be the most successful.


Registration Packet


Occupational Therapy Services


TNT's occupational therapist provides client centered therapy to improve your child's physical development, sensory processing skills, social and emotional development, cognition, and motor skills. The occupational therapist evaluates your child's skill for playing, school performance, and daily activities and compare their skill level with what is developmentally appropriate for the child's age. Please click on the Occupational Therapy tab for more information




While most gymnastics facilities sit dormant during the day, TNT opens its doors to all children of all abilities, all day.

TNT’s special needs curriculum is the foundation for the SONIC (Sensational Opportunities Newfound Independence Combined) business model. The SONIC model raises the awareness to targeted industries where children with special needs crave opportunities, and provides the capabilities to educate, mentor and teach.

More information coming soon!