How to Start


To sign up for Occupational Therapy services, complete the following steps:


  • Contact Leslie via phone, 701-551-5020, or email,, about concerns you may have about your child to set up an evaluation
  • Fill out the patient intake form and email:, fax: 701-365-8870, or bring the form to TNT Kid's Fitness & Gymnastics at 2800 Main Ave. Fargo
  • TNT verifies insurance benefits and shares the information with you
  • An evaluation is set up that includes an interview to obtain more information needed about the child as well as an assessment of the child
  • Once the evaluation and assessment has been scored, results are discussed along with set up of weekly meeting times

I have taken my son, Anthony, to Leslie for help for a while now.  Anthony would not grasp a crayon to color, could not stand loud noises, would not go near water, was unable to write his own name, and hated to touch anything that might make his hand messy.  Leslie has helped Anthony grow as a person and made his life so much better with her care.  She has helped him over come every one of these obstacles and more.  She has shown him how to be comfortable communicating his thoughts and needs, the skills to deal with and express his anger correctly and celebrated his victories in his grown with him!  Leslie has shown Anthony the tools to deal with things that might seem every day to most, but were huge issues for Anthony to handle.  This program has changed my child's life for the better and I can't express how grateful I am for all of the hard work and love that has been shown to him.  

I really do love the work she has done with Anthony. We can't imagine our lives without her.